Children of Alpha Colony

First session

(Briak’s in-character summary here.)

Clayton’s Hold:
Audie is introduced to Brother Sieur, sent to investigate rumors of strange happenings on an out of the way island in Clayton territory.
Using Clayton funds, Audie hires Briak’s ship, the Lucky Eel, to take them to the island.

Nameless Island:
Five days after leaving Clayton’s Hold, the party arrives at the island, catches a glimpse of an oddly colored wyvern and sees some strange lights during Siesta.
Investigating the island after Siesta leads to the party being attacked by some strangely aggressive, spiked, striped wyverns, who attack using ambush/pounce tactics from concealment in the foliage.
Next the party encounters the concealed entrance to the Jacksonian base, where they are attacked with a street sweeper by Rico. Rico is quickly subdued and bound, and the party enters the base.
They surprise Neki in his quarters and begin to interrogate him—he goes along for a while but eventually shouts for help, trying to get Harris to sound an alert. He is knocked out.
Harris is asleep, and doesn’t wake up quickly enough to do anything before the party has him under guard. He proves much more cooperative than Neki, and willingly answers the party’s questions, arms them with stunners, and gives advice on how to take out the other base occupant, Dr. Haas, before he can do anything rash, like releasing the experimental bioengineered Tiger Drakes in his lab.


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