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In 2194 AD, humanity reached for the stars…

…and got burned. The colonists of Alpha and Beta colonies went forth with equipment and supplies enough for twenty years, if they were careful. But disasters at home derailed the planned resupply missions, and when the brave pioneers woke from their frozen sleep, they already knew they were doomed to decades without help. Beta Colony dug in, innovated, and managed to survive for eighty years, until the discovery of jump drive and the rapidly charted wormhole network reconnected them to civilization. Beta Colony is now the sandy jewel of the wormhole nexus, a leader in science, technology, and social progress. It is an inspiring success story of the triumph of human ingenuity over adversity.

This story is not about Beta Colony.

Alpha Colony

As far as anyone on Earth knew, Alpha Colony was founded, survived its first year, and then mysteriously went silent. The last recorded transmissions were weak and garbled, unintelligible. No one alive knows what killed the bulk of the colonists—the traces uncovered by later robotic expeditions offer few clues—but fewer than a thousand people escaped it to return to their ship Endeavor, half-disassembled in orbit, meant to be turned into an orbital transfer station. These few traumatized survivors stripped the ship of anything they could not use and pointed it at the nearest star with a promising planet, knowing they had only enough fuel for this one chance to find a haven.


And a haven is just what they found. A lush, blue world studded with island chains, Haven is ideal for human habitation. With little but the clothes on their backs and what they managed to carry with them in their flight, the colonists were able to, finally, start a new life, albeit one totally cut off from the comfort and technological support of home.

That was six hundred years ago. You are the children of Alpha Colony, the lucky survivors of Haven, and the galaxy has found you at last. Go forth and make your place in it.

Children of Alpha Colony

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